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"Melamine saves the world Innovation for a Green World”

Siam Makro joins forces with Srithai Superware Public Company Limited and Thai KK Industry Company Limited to push “melamine to save the world. Innovation for a Green World” Awakening environmental conservation trends for HORECA entrepreneurs. Ready to create the first world-saving melamine innovation product in Thailand Open for return of old melamine products to redeem cash coupons to enter the upcycling process to reduce the amount of waste 

On Thursday, November 28, 2019 at Makro Department Store Nakhon Ratchasima Branch, Mrs. Sunny Sidic, Senior Director Product Management, Cooking Business, Siam Makro Public Company Limited, together with Mr. Sanan Ang-Ubolsakul, Chairman of the Managing Director of Srithai Superware Public Company Limited and Mr. Chaweng Yoowimonchai, Managing Director of Thai KK Industry Co., Ltd. Name of the Memorandum of Cooperation Project “Melamine Saves the World Innovation for a Green World ” 

with representatives from the Nakhon Ratchasima Chamber of Commerce Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) Nakhon Ratchasima and related agencies witnessed and congratulated each other. Among the people who come to shop, they constantly exchange used melamine products for new products. 

for the project "Melamine saves the world Innovation for a Green World”, this time, Makro will open a service point for returning unused melamine containers. Customers will receive an E-Coupon as a discount for purchasing new products. From today-25 February 2020 at Makro Nakhon Ratchasima branch Nakhon Ratchasima 2 and Pak Chong branches only. All returned old melamine will be processed into a manufacturing process called Upcycling, which will be collected at the factory. For coarse grinding and separating the impurities before being re-grinded at the raw material manufacturer's factory. and mixed with other raw materials to adjust the quality of the properties to be used to form a new standard and good quality We estimate that the amount of used melamine products will be returned to 6,000 kg/month. 

There are 4 types of upcycling melamine products, starting at 79 baht, which are available at Makro. Nakhon Ratchasima branch only by developing melamine products to save the world this time. This is an important step in the development of environmentally-friendly products, which Makro is the first wholesaler in Thailand that has developed melamine products that are environmentally friendly. Ready to sell this type of product to Thai people. Emphasize being the number one in Thailand A source of environmental products at wholesale prices. 

Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Srithai Superware Public Company Limited, said that from the fact that Srithai Superware has always given importance to the development of innovative products for the environment by thinking that melamine products that are not used It should be processed to be recycled. The melamine products cannot be recycled like normal plastics, but can be recycled, thus creating an idea for the project. "Melamine saves the world innovation for a green world”. 

by collaborating with Makro and ThaiKK by choosing Makro Nakhon Ratchasima Branch It is the first branch to start the project. Due to the highest sales of melamine products in the first place and has a tendency to grow higher from the development of Nakhon Ratchasima province and the northeastern region. which is a commercial gateway to CLMV. Moreover, transportation is easy and efficient because it is close to Srithai Superware's factory. In the future, if the project is well received It will be expanded to other provinces to cover the whole country.

“The company has experience in the melamine container manufacturing business for more than 30 years, using approximately 9,000 tons of raw materials per year. In the past, the company exported unused melamine powder to the United States. To clean the aircraft and reduce the electric charge of the aircraft. It can be seen that the Company is determined to develop and seek a way to reduce waste that will be left in the community and to preserve the environment for a sustainable and livable environment forever,” Mr. Sanan concluded.

While Mr. Chaweng Yuwimonchai, Managing Director of Thai KK Industry Co., Ltd., said that the company is a leader in melamine powder production. The first in Thailand Currently, the Company's business has grown by being a good partner with Srithai Superware and has developed jointly in the field of melamine innovations with natural fiber ingredients. which has been certified by international agencies

For Upcycle Melamine products, the waste melamine sent from Makro is ground into small powders through a special process in order to ultimately get melamine powder. quality according to international standards The proportion of mixing Upcycle Melamine with normal melamine does not exceed 40% in order to produce beautiful melamine containers. 

at present Upcycle melamine powder price is higher than general melamine powder about 10% due to the cost from the special production process. in order to be able to bring used melamine products recycle and enter the production process again Consumers are therefore confident in the quality and safety of products that have passed European standards,” said Mr. Chaweng.

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