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Look at 7 product label trends that will be hot in 2022

Soon after, it will be the end of 2021 and many businesses are looking for new business or marketing channels. which today, Thai KK will lead everyone to meet with another
The trend of 2022 is the label trend itself. Anyone who is building a brand or producing a product must definitely like it.
Let's see that What are the label trends for next year? Follow along

1.Eco-Friendly ,Sustainability

The trend of environmental protection continues to gain attention. which from the past year many world-class brands Brands are increasingly taking the matter of sustainability and environmental protection to drive their business.  

2. Metallic color product labels to add charm and elegance

Metallic color product labels to add charm and elegance Play with lights to attract attention to the product as well. It also makes the product look expensive. and high quality as well

3.Minimal, concise, easy to understand   

Communicating with consumers must be faster and easier. and must be minimal Therefore, the labeling of products It should focus on important and easy-to-understand information. for easier access to consumer products 

4.Black & White Vintage but still modern  

Black and white product labels are not out of trend. It is a color that represents the firmness of the product. which is simple but classic and looks minimal  

5. Color gradation or GRADIENTS  

The year 2022 should be the beginning of the design of product packaging as well as more products such as color gradation. From light color to color matching to add dimension to the product. to stand out more 

6. Always use the product name or product logo on the front.  

increase product differentiation and create product recognition by raising the product logo or brand letters to stand out in the front or center This will create a feeling that the product is different from other brands. even more 


7. Bright colors, put in the mind of freshness  

Make it more vivid and bold with neon or non-primary shades. It will make the product look brighter and more unique.  

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