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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

Terms and conditions of use of this website Hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”, first entered into force on March 15, 2021, details are as follows:

Article 1 - DEFINITIONS:

within these terms

(a) “Website” means the website named Thai KK and has a website address at http://thaikk.co.th which operates and provides services in the following ways:

For example, offer company information Manufacturing and distributing products, adhesive tapes, melamine powder, labels and packaging.

(b) “website owner” means Thai KK Industry Co., Ltd Juristic Person Registration No. 0105521019749 The office is located at 29/1 Village No. 5, Soi Thammasiri, Debaratana Road, Bang Sao Thong Subdistrict, Bang Sao Thong District. Samut Prakan Province 10570

(c) “User” means a visitor, user, member of the website or any other person accessing the website. Whether visiting, using, membership or that access will be done in any way, in any manner, through any device through which channel and whether there is a cost or not

(d) “Personal Information” means any information, whether of a user or any other person, that can be used to identify that person. whether directly or indirectly

(e) “Product” means any product offered for sale on the Website by the Website Owner.

(f) “Services” means any services offered on the Website by the Website Owner.

or whether the content has access restrictions or not

Article 2 Permission to use the website

where the owner of the website has enabled the use of the website according to this requirement and the user wishes to use the said website By using the website Users have read and understood the terms and conditions. of these terms in detail and agree to the terms set forth in these Terms, and in this regard, the website owner allows the user use the website Under the terms of these Terms

Article 3 Instructions for use

in the use of the user's website To achieve the highest efficiency and user experience Users may use the website as determined by the website owner as follows:

Users will get the functionality of E-commerce or Online Shopping where they can buy items in the cart within a few clicks. And there is a transport service to the location. including recommending the selection of products to suit various materials

Article 4 Prohibition of Use of the Website

in any case in the use of the user's website The user agrees not to use the website, either directly or indirectly, in any of the following ways:

(a) doing any act contrary to law, court judgment or government order; or government agencies

(b) doing any act that may be contrary to public order or custom;

(c) doing any act that infringes intellectual property, copyright, trademark, patent, right of reputation; privacy rights and any other rights of the website owner or another person

(d) take any action that leads to the collection Disclosure or provision of personal information unlawful

(e) Do any act that interferes with the operation of the server system, instructions or network of the website.

Article 5 User Account

in using the website Website owners may provide user accounts for each user. as requested by the user from time to time by the owner of the website have the exclusive right to Authorization to open an account Set account type Set access rights for each user account type. any expenses About user accounts, duties and responsibilities of the user who owns the user account.

The user agrees to keep his account name, password and any information strictly confidential. and agreed not to allow and use their best efforts to prevent anyone else from using the user's account.

In the event that the user's account is used by another person The user agrees and warrants that any use by such third parties is performed on behalf of the user and is binding as if the user was doing it himself.

Article 6 Collection and use of personal information of users

in using the website The user acknowledges and agrees to website owner Has the right to store, process, and utilize the personal information of the users that the users provide to the website owner, including the following personal information:

Name, surname, address, day/month/year of birth Telephone number, age, education, financial status, work history, race, religion, criminal record Health history, fingerprints, voice or photo

The user's personal information will be used for the following purposes:

  • to be a customer database   
  • to improve service     
  • to find user needs and offer products that meet the needs of users

Whereas the user has the right to access, delete, correct, change, transfer, deny, personal information provided to the owner of the website. And at any time, the user may withdraw his consent to the collection and use of personal information of such users as long as it does not violate the law or the rights of the website owner.

In the event that the website owner takes personal information of the user for use website owner agree to use such information as long as it does not cause damage Trouble and annoyance to the owner of the data and will not disclose such information to third parties in a manner that may identify the user, the owner of the information, unless it is used and disclosed as required by law. or by order of a government agency that enforces powers

Article 7 Testimonials and Duties of Users

in the use of the user's website The user is responsible for and give testimonials to the website owner that it will use its best efforts to perform the duties of the user and including the terms of the terms as follows:

(a) the user has read and understood the terms and conditions of these terms in detail and by visiting, using or being a member of the website The user agrees to the terms set forth in these terms.

(b) the user understands and acknowledges that these terms It is a contract which is binding and enforceable by law between the owner of the website and the user.

(c) the user will take any action necessary and appropriate to employees of users Any subcontractor, assistant, consultant or representative of the user (if any) strictly complies with these Terms.

(d) in the event that someone else exercises a claim or has a claim against the user or the user is sued for, or is caused by, the use of the website The user will settle the claim at the user's expense and responsibility. and the user agrees to protect with best efforts from the owner of the website to be involved in the settlement of such claims.

(e) In the event that the website owner has any damages or expenses related to or caused by the user's use of the website, the user agrees to fully indemnify the website owner for such damages or expenses.

Article 8 User Content

in using the website Users may be able to display User Content within the Website, regardless of whether or not their access rights to the Content are restricted. where the user agrees to

(a) not displaying content that infringes the rights of others; This includes but is not limited to copyrights, moral rights, patents, trademark rights. Rights in product form Rights in utility products trade secret right to fame right to portrait privacy rights and reputation rights

(b) not showing content that is contrary to public order and good morals support for violence and illegal actions

(c) not displaying any content that is questionable, vulgar, deceptive, deceptive or suggestive in a manner that may harm other users; or causing an illegal act

(d) not displaying personal or confidential information belonging to others without permission.

(e) not displaying false content Whether displaying false content will cause harm to others or not.

(f) Do not display content that leads to discrimination based on race, national origin, nationality, religion, gender, social status, etc.

Article 9 Payment for Goods

to pay for goods under these terms The user agrees to pay the owner of the website. or the seller of the product by the following methods

  • cash payment to the carrier or transport to the destination       
  • Transfer to bank account (pay via Omise/True Money Wallet and other services)     
  • pay via credit card           
  • Account Name Bank Account Type Account Number

Article 10 Shipping

website owner Or the seller will deliver the product by a private carrier (eg Kerry Express) and the owner of the website. Or the seller agrees to deliver the product within 5 (five) days from the date of receipt of payment for the product from the user.

Article 11 Product Warranty

Throughout the period of 7 (seven) days from the date the user receives the product. website owner or product seller guarantee that the product including parts all equipment It can be used normally and works effectively according to the product details offered for sale and appears on the website.

Article 12 Product exchange, return and refund

within the warranty period If the product does not meet the warranty in these terms. when the user requests website owner or the seller agrees to take action one of the following

(a) replace, revise, alter, repair or perform any other necessary action necessary for the product to meet this warranty; without any cost to all users, or

(b) accept the return of goods which do not meet the warranties set forth in these Terms; and refund the cost of products that do not comply with all such guarantees to the user.

Article 13 Subscription acknowledgment denial of service request

Users may request to use the services offered on the website. by making a request to use the service to the owner of the website according to the form and method of the website owner, determined by the website owner have the right to consider accepting user requests or reject such request If the discretion of the website owner or the person assigned by the owner of the website see that the user The user does not have the qualifications specified by the website owner. not suitable for the use of such services There is a suspicion that the information in the said request is not true. or have any other necessity

Clause 14 Period of use of the service

The user agrees to use the services on the website of the website owner. Starting from the date the user's request to use the service is accepted by the website owner. Until the end of the service or the service has been terminated by the website owner or termination of the service by the user

Article 15 Service Fee

The user agrees to pay the owner of the website. or service provider The details are as follows.

  • Pay for the product and shipping or service charges as specified by the Order Confirmation.
  • where the service fee under these terms VAT included

Article 16 Payment of Service Charges

To pay for services under these Terms The user agrees to pay the owner of the website. by the following methods

transfer money to the company account, account name, bank, account type, account number, cash payment at the website owner's address or by credit card; and

The user agrees to pay the owner of the website. within the following periods

Pay before Order Confirmation / or pay with destination shipping.

Article 17 Change of service fee

The parties understand and agree that the cost of providing the services of the website owner may be affected by various factors including but not limited to reasons of economic necessity

As follows, the website owner has the right to modify the service rates by giving written notice to the users.not less than 30 (thirty) days in advance

Article 18 Violation of User Terms

In the following cases

(a) User breaches these Terms. User testimonials provided in these Terms. or any guidelines that the website owner has notified the user either in general or in particular

(b) Users use the website. going for illegal purposes contrary to social order

(c) the user takes any action that may cause damage to the website website owner other users or outsiders

(d) the user does any act that the website owner deems inappropriate

website owner at the sole discretion of the website owner may proceed as follows

(a) send official notices to users; edit action such behavior

(b) suspend the user's use of the website within a certain period of time with or without a time limit without prior notice and

(c) termination of the right to use or access User's website without prior notice

In the event that the owner of the website suspend or cancel the right to use or access to the website according to this requirement User acknowledges and agrees that website owner No liability for any loss, damage, claim, liability, expense. arising out of or in connection with such operations under these Terms.

Article 19 Availability of the Website

The user agrees and knows that The website owner may suspend the use of the website either in whole or in part. whether temporarily or permanently without any obligation to compensate for any damage that may occur to users In the following cases

(a) maintenance of tools and equipment necessary to enable the use of the website including but not limited to Server Maintenance

(b) improvement and development of the instruction set system relating to the activation of the Website, including but not limited to Update the instruction set of the website (Update) Update the instruction set of the system (Firmware Update)

(c) any tool, device or instruction set system related to the activation of the website. not available due to tools, equipment, or system of instructions Neither the tools, equipment, nor the instruction set system are in the possession of the website owner. or outsiders

(d) Force majeure, including but not limited to Power failure Communication system failures, accidents, accidents, fires, natural disasters, strikes Enforcing or changing the law government order

Article 20 Reporting Problems and Behavior

Users may report any intelligence. from using the website including but not limited to website error or of a set of instructions The behavior of other users that do not comply with these terms. or use in a manner that may cause disturbances contrary to the good morals of the people support for violence or behavior of use in a manner that harasses other users at sales@thaikk.co.th

Article 21 Assistance

In the event that users have questions or inquiries about the use of the website users can Learn more about the user himself at www.thaikk.co.th/faq and inquire at e-commerce@thaikk.co.th

Article 22 Exclusion of Liability

The user agrees and knows that There is no part in these Terms. or within the website Whether express or implied, the owner of the website will

(a) guarantees the stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for the particular purpose of the user, safety, error of the website;

(b) be liable for any damages that happens to users in using the website including but not limited to Damage to equipment, systems that users use to use the website or loss of user data or content rights and reputation of the user, unless such damage is caused by the intentional act or gross negligence of the website owner.

(c) be responsible for any damages arising from the actions of the users themselves whether the user intentionally or not

(d) be liable for any damages arising from the actions of third parties including but not limited to The act of unauthorized access to information (Hacker) computer criminals.

Article 23 Intellectual Property

User understands and acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to Content of the website owner, copyrights, patents, trademarks service mark trade name or the design of any systems that appear on the website and that are used on the website no matter what time It is the absolute right of all website owners.

The user has a revocable and non-transferable right to use the Intellectual Property. Insofar as the owner of the website permits use only under the terms of these Terms and at any time there is no agreement in these Terms. whether expressly or implicitly, which is the transfer of any rights relating to such intellectual property rights to users, directly or indirectly

Article 24 Confidentiality

in using the website Users may have foreseen or obtain information from the owner of the website or from any other person for the use of the website in accordance with these terms which has not been publicly disclosed or was not intended to be publicly disclosed at the time of disclosure. The user agrees to maintain the information of the website owner. or information obtained from the owner of the website as confidential whether personal or commercial information and whether it has value or not and will not disclose, publish, announce or distribute to any third party. unless it is done by law Orders of the authorities enforcing the powers of the state or obtaining the prior written consent of the website owner

Article 25 Amendment

The website owner may modify and change the text of these Terms. any time and whether in whole or in part The owner of the website will notify the user when there is a change from time to time. and shall also be deemed to be an integral part of these Terms.

Article 26 Relationship of the Contracting Parties

where both parties understand and know that Entering into these Terms does not make the counterparty and employees of each contracting party have a relationship as an employee according to labor law or a partner in accordance with the law of partnerships and companies in any way

Article 27 Assignment of Rights

Unless otherwise provided in these Terms. Users agree not to assign their rights, duties and/or liabilities under these Terms to any person without the written consent of the website owner. in advance

Article 28 Waiver

The owner of the website does not exercise or delay the right in any matter or at any time. It shall not be deemed that the owner of the website has waived such rights. and the owner of the website partially exercised or waived the right in any matter or at any one time It shall not be regarded as a waiver of the right in other matters or on other occasions as well.

Article 29 The ultimate in terms

These terms It is the final agreement between the parties, any representation, understanding, discussion or negotiation. made prior to the date of entry into this Agreement between the parties involved in this Agreement. which is contrary to or inconsistent with the texts in these Terms The provisions of these Terms shall apply.

Article 30 Separation of terms

If any provision or agreement in these Terms is invalid, incomplete or unenforceable, For whatever reason, the parties hereby agree that other statements and agreements The Terms remain valid and binding on the parties as if there were no void parts. Incomplete or unenforceable is contained in these Terms.

Article 31 Notice

The User agrees to give any notice or notice which the Owner of the Website must provide to him under these Terms will be deemed to have been given. If it has been sent to the user by the method specified as follows:

  • Homepage or Messenger Chat, website page or via Line Official: @thaikk

Article 32 Governing Law

These provisions shall be governed by the laws of Thailand.

Article 33 Dispute Resolution

If there is an argument any conflict occurred as a result of these terms. If the parties cannot agree The parties agree to bring the dispute to the court in Thailand.

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